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We lead the knowledge exchange between the U.E and Colombia in order to build up a point of reference in education of students and Latin-American and European professionals in both fields.

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Academic offer
We offer specific programs for Spanish and international students who wish to accomplish with their objectives in academic education while enjoying of the contributions from both cultures.

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Business Forum
We are point of reference for entrepreneurs, politicians, governmental institutions representatives and academic and cultural agents in the Spanish-Colombian environment.

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About the University
University Sergio Arboleda is a higher education institution of a non-profit, private nature, aiming to educate professionals in several fields of culture with impact on the national and international community.

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Prime as the International Center of Excellence in Sergio Arboleda Madrid.

Teachers from Georgetown University, Sigapour University, “La Bolsa de Madrid”and the external commerce institute Spain Government, have been some of the participants in these programs of Masters in Financial Administration and
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University Sergio Arboleda is the youngest to get a National Accreditation of Excellence.

University Sergio Arboleda has been given the National Accreditation of Excellence valid for four years, which turns it into the Higher Education Institution ton get that recognition from the government, at the same time of its thirtieth
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Students from the Master Program in Law visit the Supreme Court of Spain.

Along with the International Centre of Excellence, students and professionals from the legal field have visited the Supreme Court of Spain, where they have been taught about the different competences assigned to this court, as well as the history and Palace dependence where it
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The students of Strategic Marketing close an overflowing month of activity in CEISA

The international program in Marketing Strategic, aimed at students from specialization in Management and Project arrangements closes a satisfactory month in postgraduate school from university Sergio Arboleda has been the main character of our center.
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International Week of Management Skills – CEISA Madrid.

From November 10th to 14th of 2014 we are hosting the course in management skills at the International Centre of Excellence Sergio Arboleda, Madrid. During this time several activities are going to be carried on with teacher highly recognized such as
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International Week in Common Law and Social Safety.

November the 10th began the International Week of Common Law and social safety in the international Centre of Excellence Sergio Arboleda, Madrid. The students have been to institutional visits such as FREMAP and Grupo Actual.
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Update in Common Law (Second edition)

Students and professionals from the legal milieu in Colombia have been able to take a course about Common Law: Current Affair aimed at go deeply in several topics related to legal internationalization in Spain and from U.E
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International Week of leadership and organizational restructuring – CEISA

All week long from November the 3rd to nov the 7th, this International Week of leadership and organizational restructuring has taken place here at CEISA. Besides the conferences lectured by highly recognized professionals such as
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Digital Journalism in Sports Course (first edition)

From October the 20th to October the 31st of 2014, students and professionals from the journalism in sports Colombian field have participated in the first edition of this course. This course was held in the International Centre of Excellence Sergio Arboleda in Madrid.
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Classes and activities

  • 7 de Septiembre del 2015

    Inauguración Semana Internacional

    Comunicación estratégica y multimedia

    • 13 de Julio del 2015

      Inauguración Semana Internacional

      Derecho Comparado: Temas de Actualidad
      - Comercial
      - Laboral
      - Administrativo


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